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Carpeting in Yuma, AZ

Yuma Carpets & Tile offers a wide range of high-quality carpets from Shaw Floors and more. We have a wide variety of collections in various colors, styles, materials and pile heights to choose from. Whether you are wanting to add a wall to wall carpet in the bedroom or looking to jazz up your office, we have the carpet for you.

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What types of carpet are available?

Cut pile

is the most popular type of carpeting, featuring sheared fiber strands with exposed ends. It’s available in a variety of lengths and thicknesses, so you’ll have a range of options regardless of what you’re specifically looking for. The twist of individual strands in cut pile is key when making a decision – tighter, heavier twist will add texture and durability to your carpet to help it stand up to matting and crushing.

Loop pile

on the other hand, features un-sheared loops of fiber that not only add extra durability, but also create opportunities for pattern and texture. Tight, heavily twisted loops offer more resistance to matting and crushing. One potential issue to watch out for when choosing looped pile is pulled-out loops, which, when snagged, can cause damage to your carpet.

Cut & Loop pile

is the third category, which combines the previous two types of carpet. Having both sheared and un-sheared fibers leads to patterned surfaces and artistic use of texture. No one type of carpet is better than the others – your choice will largely come down to personal design preference.

Carpet Styles

Different carpet styles can help you achieve any look in your home or business. Hover over the images to find which style is right for you.

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    Pattern construction carpet is made with varying loop and cut heights for looks that range from bold and dramatic to simple and understated. This low-profile style handles traffic beautifully.

  • texture | Yuma Carpets & Tile Inc


    Texture construction carpet has long, crimped yarns for a casual look that works for any room. With higher pile for a super-soft feel, it's no wonder that texture is our most popular style.

  • loop| Yuma Carpets & Tile Inc


    Loop construction carpet has dense, looped strands and a low profile for a clean, low-maintenance look. This style is durable, reliable, and ideal for high-traffic areas.

  • twist | Yuma Carpets & Tile Inc

    Frieze (Twist)

    Frieze, or twist construction, carpet has high, twisted yarns for a longer crimped look and relaxed feel. Its long twists create dimension and visual interest as well as a bouncy, springy feel underfoot.

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Carpet Features & Benefits

Carpets have a lot going for them aesthetically & have a lot of built-in advantages that you may not be aware of. A lot has changed in terms of technology & manufacturing your grandparents had their first carpets installed. They are designed in such a way that they improve the quality of air indoors. They are hypoallergenic and weaved in such a way that they trap any dander, dust or allergens from lingering in the air. A simple swipe of the vacuum is all it takes to get rid of the trapped debris.

Another advantage of modern carpeting products is stain resistance. Today's carpets are created with specialized materials that repel liquids should any accidental spill occur. Carpeting is also incredibly useful for insulating a room in the colder months which helps you save costs on your heating bills.

FAQs of Carpeting